Scaling New Heights: How Tao Climate is Leading the Charge in the Gigatonne Carbon Challenge


Explore how Tao Climate’s innovative strategies are paving the way for a sustainable future, as highlighted in XPRIZE’s latest groundbreaking report on carbon removal technologies Welcome to a pivotal moment in our fight against climate change! The latest report from XPRIZE, “Getting to Gigatonne,” has just dropped, charting the ambitious paths of the world’s top […]

The Art of Hemp – Maren Krings Exhibition in Verona, Italy


A GREEN ART EXTRAVAGANZA | Maren Krings OPENING / VERNISSAGE | 09.03.2024 | H 6.30 PM CLOSING / FINISSAGE | 05.04.2024 | H 7.00 PM FONDERIA 20.9 | VERONA “H is for Hemp, A Green Art Extravaganza” is the first chapter of a travelling exhibition that aims to minimize and document the environmental impact associated […]


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