Carbon as Opportunity: The New Passenger Sustainability Experience

Carbon as Opportunity: The New Passenger Sustainability Experience

Sustainability CX Delivered by Tao Climate

The skies are clearing for the global aviation industry as Tao Climate took centre stage at the Future Travel Experience EMEA event in Dublin (full event review here). Tao Climate is set to revolutionise sustainability in aviation with the unveiling of three groundbreaking products: Tao Ops, Tao CX, and Tao SAF. These innovative solutions promise to transform the way airlines, airports, aircraft lessors, and OEMs approach environmental challenges, heralding a new era of sustainable air travel.

Tao Ops: Operational Carbon Compliance

Tao Ops is a comprehensive tool designed to leverage AI technology for operational carbon compliance. This advanced platform enables airlines to accurately measure,minimise, and manage their carbon footprint. By offering actionable reduction strategies and seamless carbon credit integration, Tao Ops ensures that airlines can achieve their environmental goals efficiently. The platform’s capabilities extend beyond simple compliance, providing a roadmap for substantial carbon footprint reductions.

Tao CX: Enhancing Passenger Engagement

Tao CX brings a new dimension to passenger engagement by integrating real-time carbon credit sales directly into the airline ticketing process. This innovative solution allows passengers to offset their flight emissions instantly, enhancing their travel experience while contributing to environmental sustainability. The platform not only enriches customer experience but also generates shared revenue for airline partners, creating a win-win scenario for both passengers and airlines. The credits can be sold before, during and after each flight which make them a unique revenue opportunity for our aviation partners.

Tao SAF: Sustainable Aviation Fuel Supply

Tao SAF is set to revolutionise the supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) feedstock with a focus on hemp-based SAF. Hemp stands out as the most sustainable feedstock for SAF, as it does not displace food production and offers superior environmental benefits. Tao SAF ensures the scalable delivery of this eco-friendly fuel, backed by rigorous carbon data measurement to guarantee integrity and verification. By partnering with airports and fuel providers, Tao SAF facilitates a smooth transition to sustainable fuel sources, supporting the broader goal of reducing aviation’s carbon footprint.

Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Tao Climate’s commitment to pioneering solutions in the aviation industry reflects a broader vision of a sustainable future in air travel. Felix Roick, COO of Tao Climate, expressed his excitement about leading the charge towards sustainable aviation:

“As the COO of Tao Climate, I am thrilled to pioneer the journey towards sustainable aviation at scale. Recognising the pivotal role aviation plays in global connectivity and commerce, we are committed to revolutionising this vital industry, ensuring a greener future for generations to come.”

Gary Byrnes, CEO of Tao Climate, emphasised the transformative impact of their new product suite:

“In a world searching for actionable climate solutions, Tao Climate isn’t just responding, we’re leading the charge. Our new suite of products marks the dawn of an era where sustainability isn’t just an option; it’s the core of aviation’s future. With Tao Ops, Tao CX, and Tao SAF, we’re not just changing the game; we’re redefining it. The future of aviation is green, and with Tao Climate, it’s closer than you think.”

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