Charting the Flight Path to Sustainable Aviation: FTE EMEA Event Review, Dublin 2024

Tao Climate at the FTE EMEA Event in Dublin 2024

Insightful Aviation Passenger Experience Industry Gathering in Dublin

The Future Travel Experience (FTE) EMEA event, held in Dublin from June 11 to June 13, 2024, was a landmark gathering for the travel industry. With very significant Headline Partners: International Airlines Group (IAG), Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), Dublin Airport, Enterprise Ireland and Ryanair, the event brought together industry leaders. Speakers and attendees included Dr Joe Leader of APEX, senior representatives from Ryanair, KLM, Stripe, Dublin Airport Authority, Southwest, United, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, airBaltic, Aer Lingus, Schiphol, Air Nostrum, and many more airlines and airports, as well as service innovators and providers. Together, we explored advancements and trends in the delivery of an amazing air travel passenger experience, with a recurring focus on sustainability. From a full house for the Future Travel Experience Digital, Innovation and Startup Hub event at the AWS Dublin offices on 11 June, to hearing from the industry’s foremost innovators in the conference and panels, and the awards ceremonies and the tech demos in the RDS exhibition hall on 12-13 June, the action and entertainment never stopped.

Tao Climate welcomes you to the Green Age of Aviation
Tao Climate welcomes you to the Green Age of Aviation

Event Highlights and Emphasis on Sustainability

Sustainability emerged as the central theme of FTE EMEA 2024. Keynote speakers discussed strategies to reduce carbon footprints and promote eco-friendly practices in the travel industry. Innovations in green technologies and sustainable operational practices were showcased, highlighting the industry’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Tao Climate’s Gary Byrnes joined an insightful panel discussion with Swedavia’s Head of Strategic Development and Innovation, Karin Gylin, who spoke of the Swedish airport group’s ambitious net zero goals and achievements. The panel was moderated by the highly-respected journalist and analyst Seth Green of, with a keynote from Mark Breen of Oneiros Aerospace, who is doing significant market analysis on SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) and the impending ReFuel EU SAF requirements. 

Gary was invited onto the sustainability panel in order to share Tao Climate's vision and mission
Gary was invited onto the sustainability panel in order to share Tao Climate’s vision and mission

Throughout the event, Tao Climate’s new brand logo and positioning, The Green Age of Aviation, was universally well-received, and so many guests at our booth loved seeing and touching a hempcrete block for the first time. (Hempcrete is how we sequester carbon for centuries, building sustainable housing in the process. A big thank you to our friends at Build With Hemp for sending the hempcrete block and hemp samples!)

Awarding Innovation

International Airlines Group (IAG) was honoured with the Most Innovative Airline Initiative award, accepted by Lisa Samways, IAG’s Business Development Manager, following her presentation on the groundbreaking EMU Mission Control project. This initiative integrates various data sources to enhance decision-making, providing real-time benefits across operations, customer service, commercial activities, and sustainability. By preventing unnecessary delays for aircraft, reducing excess fuel consumption, and ensuring a better experience for passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs), Mission Control delivers the right information at the right moment. This leads to significant improvements in operational efficiency, sustainability, customer experience, and commercial performance.

Among the many deserving award winners, Swiss startup Galeri AG won for its passenger well-being innovation. Ajintha Pathmanathan, CEO of Galeri said: “We, at Galeri, are honoured to receive the Future Travel Experience Innovation Award 2024 for Best New Customer Experience Concept. Joining the inspiring tech4good community, including innovators like Tao Climate, fuels our commitment to enhancing safety and experiences for staff, passengers and Mother Earth. Together, we strive to make travel and the world a better place for everyone. Thank you, Tao Climate, for supporting us on our journey!” By integrating biofeedback sensors with immersive media, Galeri offers personalised content based on users’ physiological and cognitive states. This initiative aims to redefine the airport experience using immersive XR technology. Unlike other XR technologies, Galeri provides an escape from airport anxieties and boredom while promoting personalised wellness. It stands out by combining advanced technology with a focus on mental health and well-being.

Flightpath to Sustainable Aviation

The FTE EMEA 2024 event in Dublin successfully showcased the travel industry’s dedication to sustainability and innovation. Bringing together influential leaders and organisations, the event underscored the critical need for collaborative efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and promote eco-friendly practices. With groundbreaking projects like IAG’s EMU Mission Control, and Tao Climate’s effective carbon credits and flightpath to SAF, the future of air travel looks both sustainable and passenger-focused. The enthusiasm and commitment displayed at FTE EMEA 2024 demonstrate a promising path toward a greener, more efficient, and more enjoyable aviation experience for all. Bring it on!

Felix with a 1kg block of hempcrete which sequesters approx 2kg of CO2
Felix with a 1kg block of hempcrete which sequesters approx 2kg of CO2

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