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You can now customise the amount of CO2 for your own Carbon Removal Certificate. Take control of your carbon footprint by choosing the specific amount of CO2 you wish to offset. Whether it’s a small contribution or a substantial endeavour, every step counts in the fight against climate change.

At Tao Climate, we believe that sustainability should be accessible to everyone. Join us in shaping a greener future and demonstrate your commitment to a cleaner and greener planet. Fill out the form below and start your journey towards a more sustainable future today.

Our current Carbon Removal Project

The current CO2 inventory, which is available for sale now, comes from our amazing project in Ukraine!

Hemp Ukraine Recover is a non-profit fund, working to rebuild Ukraine using hempcrete. They’re currently building a 30-unit apartment complex specifically to house internally-displaced people, with rehabilitation resources. This remarkable project deserves all our support. You can offset your carbon footprint when you buy Hemp Carbon Credits from Tao Climate today for €‎120/ton.

You can also make a direct donation (no carbon removal certificate issued) at:

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2,000 ha delivering net gain of 30,000 mt soil-captured hemp carbon. Potential opportunity for 150,000 mt carbon credits/annum.