Green Innovation: Tao Climate Joins Google’s Startup Initiatives

In an exciting development, Tao Climate proudly announces its inclusion in Google’s Startups for Sustainable Development program. This prestigious initiative has provided us with a unique opportunity to collaborate closely with Google mentors and product experts, propelling our mission to scale our business and contribute meaningfully to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

A Commitment to Climate Action: UN SDG 13

At Tao Climate, we stand firm in our commitment to addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time – Climate Action, encapsulated in UN SDG 13. Being selected for the Google SFSD program aligns perfectly with our goal to make a significant impact in this crucial area.

Collaboration at the Heart: Google’s Support

The Google SFSD program brings together for-profit startups that share a common vision – progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through this program, we’ve had the privilege of engaging in one-on-one collaborations with Google mentors and product experts. This invaluable support is steering our journey towards making a tangible impact in sustainable development.

Empowering Growth: Google Cloud Platform Startup Accelerator

But that’s not all! Tao Climate is also making strides as part of the Google Cloud Platform Startup Accelerator program. This latest achievement opens up a realm of possibilities for us, thanks to Google Cloud’s commitment to supercharging our growth.

Fuelling Growth with Google Cloud

With access to dedicated startup experts, Cloud credits for the first two years, and cutting-edge tools tailored for speed and insights, Google Cloud is set to elevate Tao Climate to new heights. This strategic partnership empowers us to accelerate our innovative solutions and make a lasting impact on sustainable development.

#BuildOnGoogleCloud: Join Us in the Journey

As we embark on this exciting phase of growth and collaboration, we invite you to join us in our mission. Together, we can #BuildOnGoogleCloud and contribute to a more sustainable future.

If you’re a startup looking to make a difference, consider applying to the Google for Startups Cloud Program here. Let’s unite in our efforts to drive positive change and create a world that prioritises sustainability and innovation.

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