Hemp: A Green Solution to Close the UN Emissions Gap

The United Nations sounds the alarm, predicting a perilous 2.7-degree Celsius rise in global temperatures by the century’s end. To avert climate catastrophe, we must bridge the UN Emissions Gap of 23 gigatonnes of CO2 annually. The silver lining? Enter industrial hemp, a versatile crop with the potential to play a pivotal role in addressing this pressing challenge.

Human emissions less plant and ocean benefits less current unconditional commitments leaving us with the emissions gap of 23Gt per year.
Human emissions less plant and ocean benefits less current unconditional commitments leaving us with the emissions gap of 23Gt per year.

The Green Hero: Industrial Hemp

Sustainable and Versatile

Industrial hemp stands out as a versatile crop, finding applications in textiles, construction, food, and biofuels. What sets it apart? Unlike traditional crops, hemp thrives in diverse climates and soils, demands minimal water, avoids pesticides, and boasts a speedy harvest cycle.

The Carbon Offset Marvel

Understanding Carbon Offset

Industrial hemp emerges as a promising carbon offset mechanism, a process vital for compensating CO2 emissions. Through carbon sequestration, hemp absorbs CO2 during photosynthesis, storing it in its biomass, leaves, and roots. Astonishingly, hemp surpasses trees by absorbing up to four times more CO2 per hectare.

Carbon-Neutral Innovations

Hemp becomes a game-changer by facilitating the creation of carbon-neutral or carbon-negative products. Take hempcrete, a building material composed of hemp hurds, lime, and water, boasting a negative carbon footprint. Similarly, hemp-based biofuels prove to emit significantly less CO2 than their fossil fuel counterparts.

Closing the Emissions Gap with Hemp

Scale Matters

Growing industrial hemp at scale presents a viable solution to remove substantial CO2 from the atmosphere. Independent research suggests that cultivating hemp on just 6% of the arable land in the United States could offset the country’s entire annual CO2 emissions.

Challenges and the Road Ahead

Despite the promise, challenges loom large. Legal and logistical barriers persist, particularly in countries where hemp cultivation faces restrictions. However, as global attitudes shift and more countries embrace industrial hemp, progress in closing the UN Emissions Gap seems imminent.

Hemp: A Game-Changer in Climate Action

Unleashing the Potential

Industrial hemp emerges as a game-changer in the battle against climate change. Its versatility and sustainability enable the creation of carbon-neutral or carbon-negative products, while its carbon sequestration capabilities contribute to substantial CO2 removal. Investing in large-scale cultivation and production of industrial hemp could mark a significant step toward a sustainable future.

Join the Movement with Tao Climate Platform

A Collective Effort

The Tao Climate Platform unites stakeholders along the hemp and carbon lifecycles, simplifying collaboration between growers and makers. Together, we capture and sequester massive CO2 volumes globally, crafting sustainable housing and infrastructure. Our vision is to close the UN Emissions Gap, building a better world. Join us in securing a sustainable future for our planet.

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