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Rooted in environmental stewardship, our methodology integrates scientific solutions to address climate change. Using cutting-edge research, innovative technologies, and proven strategies, we prioritise transparency and accountability in every step, working towards a more sustainable and resilient planet.

Our approach is dedicated, science-based, and data-driven, ensuring adherence to rigorous scientific principles for effective and impactful results.

Effective: May 2023

Weight of carbon captured: Tons of hemp dry stalk fibre X % carbon (benchmark is 44% carbon) X 3.67 for oxygen atoms removed. Carbon value is confirmed with chemical analysis.

The weight of carbon sequestered by making hempcrete is the weight of carbon credit potential, measured in metric tonnes. 1 mt of sequestered, fully considered carbon = 1 Carbon Credit.

How it works

If growing, making and material transportation use renewable energy (electricity and biodiesel) that’s great! If not, the weight of carbon created by energy used is subtracted from the carbon weight in hempcrete. This means the carbon benefit is fully considered. Only the net carbon gain can be sold.

We take a whole-plant approach, so that additional Hemp Carbon Credit products will be brought to market. These will include, but are not limited to: where the carbon is sequestered for shorter periods of time such as in biocomposites and textiles; where the carbon is used to enrich the soil or reduce the climate impact of concrete, such as biochar; and where the root system is retained in the ground to enrich the soil.

If the seeds are used for a carbon-zero end product, such as biodiesel, then the carbon emissions that have been avoided can also be measured.

The same goes for DSF which is used to displace forestry, in paper or biomass production.

We will measure the full spectrum of carbon benefits delivered by the growing and making activities, across all dimensions of value.

Our technology will enable the easy generation of the best Hemp Carbon Credits, based on science, data and measured impacts.

This is a public outline of our Universal Hemp Carbon Credit Methodology. To learn more about our comprehensive Methodology, and Enterprise-grade inventory forecasts, please contact us at: hello@taoclimate.com.

Tao Climate Carbon Neutral Business Certification Methodology

Effective: May 2023

This is the methodology that Tao Climate uses to certify a business as carbon neutral, measuring Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, helping to reduce CO2 emissions as well as water and plastic use, and offsetting the remaining carbon footprint with top quality, fully considered Hemp Carbon Credits. Our approach is: Measure. Minimise. Manage.

Methodology for Tao Climate’s Carbon Neutral Certification Process:

1. Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions Assessment:

    • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the business’s emissions, considering Scope 1 (direct emissions from owned or controlled sources), Scope 2 (indirect emissions from purchased electricity, heat, or steam), and Scope 3 (indirect emissions from the value chain, including upstream and downstream activities).
    • Collect data on energy consumption, fuel usage, transportation, waste management, and other relevant factors.
    • Utilise internationally recognised emission factors and protocols to calculate the carbon footprint accurately.

2. Emission Reduction Strategies:

    • Collaborate with the certified business to identify and implement effective emission reduction strategies tailored to their operations.
    • Provide guidance on energy efficiency measures, renewable energy adoption, waste reduction and recycling initiatives, transportation optimisation, and other relevant strategies.
    • Promote sustainable practices, such as switching to low-carbon technologies, implementing green procurement policies, and engaging in employee education and awareness programs.

3. Water and Plastic Use Reduction:

    • Assess the business’s water consumption and plastic usage throughout its operations and value chain.
    • Advise on water conservation techniques, water-efficient equipment, recycling systems, and responsible plastic management practices.
    • Encourage the implementation of circular economy principles, such as product redesign, waste reduction, and the use of recycled or biodegradable materials.

4. Hemp Carbon Credits Offset:

    • Calculate the remaining carbon footprint after implementing emission reduction and sustainability measures.
    • Offset the remaining emissions by providing access to top-quality Hemp Carbon Credits.
    • Ensure that Hemp Carbon Credits meet rigorous standards, such as third-party verification and adherence to recognised carbon offset protocols.
    • Support projects that directly contribute to the growth and utilisation of hemp, such as reforestation, soil regeneration, sustainable agriculture, and innovative carbon capture initiatives.

5. Verification and Certification:

    • Conduct a rigorous verification process to validate the accuracy and completeness of emissions data, reduction efforts, and offsetting measures.
    • Assess compliance with Tao Climate’s certification criteria, including meeting specific emission reduction targets and demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practices.
    • Award the Carbon Neutral Certification to businesses that successfully fulfil all requirements, providing them with a recognised and credible endorsement of their carbon neutrality achievements.

Tao Climate’s methodology ensures a comprehensive approach to carbon neutrality certification, encompassing the measurement and reduction of Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, as well as efforts to reduce water and plastic usage. By offsetting the remaining carbon footprint with high-quality Hemp Carbon Credits, businesses can contribute to sustainable development and support projects that have a positive environmental impact.

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