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Offset Your Flights - Welcome to the Green Age of Aviation

Sustainable aviation in the green age of aviation made possible by Tao Climate

Air travel has revolutionised our lives and it’s now more accessible and affordable than ever. Finally, here’s the way to love flying, with a clear conscience. Our new Hemp Carbon Credits are now available to offset the CO2 emissions of any flight: short, medium or long-haul. Our Credits remove CO2 from the air in real time, so you can enjoy carbon neutral travel as you fly. No more having to wait years for questionable offsets to impact your air travel carbon footprint. So, whether you need to fly to meet loved ones, or to explore somewhere new and amazing, now you can feel great about flying. Every time.

Offset Flights

Now you can offset flights with us and feel great about flying, just select the number of hours you were in the air. 1 hour flying = 38.3kg CO2e per passenger or 45gm CO2e per passenger kilometre. Our price is just €0.50/kg CO2e, funding the growing of industrial hemp to remove atmospheric carbon. Just click on ‘Remove CO2’ to add to your basket, then increase the quantity to reflect the number of hours flown. We make it easy to take meaningful action!

19€/flight hour

Partially Offset Flights

For just 50 cents per kilogram of CO2 emitted, you have the extraordinary opportunity to partially offset your flights, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. This affordable initiative empowers you to take meaningful action towards reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits of air travel.

0.50€/kg of CO2

Our Current Carbon Removal Project

The current CO2 inventory, which is available for sale now, comes from our amazing partner project in Ukraine! Hemp Ukraine Recover is a non-profit fund, working to rebuild Ukraine using hempcrete. They’re currently building a 30-unit apartment complex specifically to house internally-displaced people, with rehabilitation resources. This remarkable project deserves all our support. You can offset your carbon footprint when you buy Hemp Carbon Credits from Tao Climate today for €‎120/ton. You can also make a direct donation (no carbon removal certificate issued) at: https://www.hempua.org/

Air Travel CO2 Emissions Calculator Tool

Simply add up the number of hours you flew, and then you’ll know how much CO2 emissions you need to offset. Then, in our flight carbon calculator below, just insert the number of hours flown. Emissions calculations are based on modern, fuel-efficient aircraft with 84% load factor (84% of seats filled by passengers, which is the 2023 average, source: IATA), using solid science and data-driven methodologies. Older aircraft and lower load factors will result in a higher carbon footprint per passenger; our technology goal is to work with airlines to show the exact emissions from every flight taken. Rest assured, you’re doing the right thing and making a significant, measurable impact today.

Benefits when you offset flights with Tao Climate

When you offset flight emissions with us, you’ll get the contentment of knowing that you’ve taken real, measurable action to minimise aviation’s impact on climate change. Now, there’s no limit to your horizons! 

Our customers also receive:

      • The emotional satisfaction of helping rebuild Ukraine with sustainable hempcrete, providing accommodation and rehabilitation services for people displaced by the conflict.
      • Sole ownership of fractional Hemp Carbon Credits (typically sold in units of 1 tonne CO2e) on our transparent Registry.
      • A digital certificate recognising your flight offset.
      • A digital Green Age of Aviation badge to proudly display on social media or anywhere you like.
      • Limited availability membership of the Climate Positive  Network, our exclusive, customers-only community, which includes discounts on future flight offset purchases and surprise treats.


If you have any questions about our Flight Offset Hemp Carbon Credits, Tao’s Climate Positive Network, or anything else, please email us at: hello@taoclimate.com and include the word ‘support’ in your subject line. 

If you’re a commercial or business aviation professional and would like to explore the ancillary revenue benefits of offering our Hemp Carbon Credit products to your passengers, please use the form below, or email Gary Byrnes at gary@taoclimate.com. All business enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

All sales are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Thank you for joining the Green Age of Aviation!

Our methodology for calculating the carbon footprint of flights

Hours in the air X fuel consumption per hour for a B737-8200 (MAX) of 2,000kg X 3.16 kg CO2e (industry-recognised carbon footprint per kg jet fuel) / 165 passengers at 84% load factor (Source: IATA, June 2023) (passenger capacity: 197 for a full aircraft).

1 hour flying = 38.3kg CO2e per passenger or 45gm CO2e per passenger kilometre. Our price is just €0.50/kg CO2e, funding the growing of industrial hemp to capture atmospheric carbon, with the carbon safely and permanently sequestered in hempcrete buildings for centuries.



  1. Our calculations are based on a modern, fuel-efficient aircraft. Different aircraft types will have different fuel consumption profiles.
  2. Some scientists believe that since aircraft CO2 emissions happen high in the atmosphere they are more impactful and the carbon footprint should be multiplied by a factor of 1.9. For this product, we are basing our carbon removal quantities on a like-for-like basis.
  3. Aircraft CO2 emissions from airport taxiing and waiting to take off are not covered by our calculator at this time, as they are flight-specific.
  4. Long-haul air travel has proportionately less airport-related emissions but this gain is lost by the aircraft having to lift a heavier fuel load.

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2,000 ha delivering net gain of 30,000 mt soil-captured hemp carbon. Potential opportunity for 150,000 mt carbon credits/annum.