Redefining the Jet-Set Lifestyle

As air travel continues to be an integral part of our lives, connecting us with loved ones and facilitating global exploration, the environmental impact of aviation has become a growing concern. With the aviation industry rebounding post a bustling summer season, it’s high time we reimagine the way we fly. Enter Tao Climate’s groundbreaking product: Hemp Carbon Credits, set to transform the air travel experience by allowing passengers to offset their flights’ carbon emissions in real-time.

Elevating Travel Responsibly with Tao Climate’s Hemp Carbon Credits

Leading the charge in carbon offset solutions, Tao Climate introduces Hemp Carbon Credits designed to neutralise the CO2 emissions of any flight. Crafted from industrial hemp, a fast-growing, carbon-negative crop capable of capturing and storing CO2, these credits mark a significant step towards sustainable aviation.

Gary Byrnes, CEO of Tao Climate, expresses excitement about ushering in the Green Age of Aviation. He emphasises that these credits offer air travellers a tangible and measurable way to minimise their climate impact while contributing to sustainable initiatives, such as rebuilding Ukraine with hempcrete.

Affordable and Accessible Carbon Neutrality

Priced at just €0.50/kg CO2e, Hemp Carbon Credits are both affordable and accessible. By choosing these credits, passengers can offset their flight emissions immediately, contrasting with traditional offset programs that might take years to show results. Whether it’s a quick domestic hop or an extensive international journey, guilt-free, carbon-neutral travel begins the moment you take to the skies.

Flight Carbon Calculator: Empowering Smart Choices

Curious about how many credits you need to offset your flight? Our user-friendly Flight Carbon Calculator simplifies the process. Enter your flight hours, and instantly discover the required amount of credits. Our calculations are rooted in solid science and data-driven methodologies, ensuring accuracy and transparency. Find our calculator here:

Benefits of Offsetting Flights with Tao Climate

Beyond the satisfaction of reducing your flight carbon footprint, there are additional perks for Tao Climate customers:

  1. Supporting Ukraine: Contributions aid in constructing sustainable hempcrete structures in Ukraine, providing accommodation and rehabilitation for conflict-affected individuals.
  2. Fractional Hemp Carbon Credits: Customers gain sole ownership of fractional Hemp Carbon Credits, transparently recorded on our registry.
  3. Digital Certificate: Receive a digital certificate recognising your flight offset as a testament to your commitment to sustainability.
  4. Green Age of Aviation Badge: Proudly showcase our digital badge on social media, demonstrating your dedication to a greener future.
  5. Climate+ Positive Network Membership: Enjoy exclusive community membership with discounts on future flight offset purchases and surprise treats.


Join us in embracing the Green Age of Aviation and turn every flight into a force for positive change. To explore more about Tao Climate’s Hemp Carbon Credits or to make a purchase, visit It’s time to fly high with responsibility and make a lasting impact on the future of air travel!

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