Tao Climate Hemp Carbon Credit Registry

Tao Climate’s Hemp Carbon Credit Registry is 100% transparent to build trust in Voluntary Carbon Markets

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500 net tonnes of CO2e removal and permanent sequestration by our pilot project with partners Hemp Ukraine Recover, Western Ukraine. The project grows hemp and builds sustainable housing from hempcrete for people who have lost their homes in the conflict. Purchase of these Hemp Carbon Credits from Tao Climate helps fund the project.
Carbon Credit CodeDate UsedOwnerPurposeMore details
CC-2023-UKR01:01-0201 October 2023Tao Climate Ltd.Offset cloud hosting carbon footprint of Taoclimate.com and Hempoffset.com digital channels, plus transport, 2022-23www.taoclimate.com
CC-2023-UKR01:03-0604 October 2023HairPeople Ltd.Offset Scope 2 and 3 carbon emissions, including construction, 2022-23www.hairpeople.salon/sustainability/
CC-2023-UKR01:0704 October 2023Multiple ownersFractional sales to offset flightswww.taoclimate.com/offset-flights/
CC-2023-UKR01:0806 October 2023Multiple ownersFractional sales to offset hair services, HairPeople channel partnerwww.taoclimate.com/hairpeople/

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2,000 ha delivering net gain of 30,000 mt soil-captured hemp carbon. Potential opportunity for 150,000 mt carbon credits/annum.