Tao Climate Extends Network in Africa and Asia

In the realm of future-focused businesses, Africa and Asia play pivotal roles for Tao Climate’s success. Our mission is clear – providing top-tier Carbon Credits to global markets. Both continents offer abundant opportunities, aligning seamlessly with our business model.

Africa: Nurturing Growth through Innovation and Collaboration

Enrich in Africa and EU Horizon 2020 Partnership

Aligned with EU Horizon 2020, Tao Climate proudly partners with Enrich in Africa. This collaboration strengthens ties between Africa and the EU, propelling us forward in delivering sustainability goals.

Digital Transformation of Sustainability Value Chain

In the African market, we actively build a network of partner growers. Tao’s sustainability value chain is not just circular and climate positive; it’s digitally enabled, delivering revenue opportunities to African partners.

Environmental Justice and Sustainable Infrastructure Projects

Beyond business, Tao Climate enables Environmental Justice, contributing to sustainable infrastructure projects using hemp carbon fiber.

Asia: Bringing Hemp Back Home

Joining the Kambria Social Impact Innovation Alliance

Thrilled to partner with the Kambria Social Impact Innovation Alliance, Tao Climate expands into key Asian markets – China, Vietnam, and South Korea. This strategic move broadens our partner ecosystem, fostering new technology cooperation and market opportunities.

In essence, Tao Climate’s global vision extends far beyond conventional business boundaries. Committed to innovation, collaboration, and sustainability, we navigate the intricate landscapes of Africa and Asia, leaving an indelible mark on the journey toward a greener, more sustainable future. Join us as we unfold our story, intertwining growth, partnership, and environmental stewardship globally.

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