Tao Climate Introduces 3 Aviation Sustainability Solutions

Tao Climate Introduces 3 Aviation Sustainability Solutions

Blue skies are ahead for the global aviation industry, with airlines, airports, lessors and OEMs benefiting from Tao Climate’s innovative product suite

Dublin, Ireland – April 09, 2024  Tao Climate is proud to unveil three innovative products designed to revolutionise sustainability in the aviation industry. Leveraging our cutting-edge FinTech platform, we introduce Tao Ops, Tao CX, and Tao SAF, each tailored to meet the unique environmental challenges of aviation.

  • Tao Ops: A comprehensive tool utilising AI to offer operational carbon compliance, enabling airlines to accurately measure, manage, and report their carbon footprint while providing actionable reduction strategies and seamless carbon credit integration.
  • Tao CX: Enhance passenger engagement with our platform that integrates real-time carbon credit sales directly into the airline ticketing process, offering a unique opportunity for passengers to offset their flight emissions instantly, enhancing customer experience and generating shared revenue for our airline partners.
  • Tao SAF: Revolutionising the supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) feedstock, our platform ensures the scalable delivery of hemp-based SAF. Hemp is the most sustainable feedstock for SAF, and doesn’t displace food production. With rigorous carbon data measurement, our solution guarantees the integrity and verification of SAF supply, partnering with airports and fuel providers to facilitate a sustainable fuel transition.


Tao Climate is committed to pioneering solutions that not only address the urgent environmental needs of the aviation industry but also pave the way for a sustainable future in air travel.

“As the COO of Tao Climate, I am thrilled to pioneer the journey towards sustainable aviation at scale. Recognising the pivotal role aviation plays in global connectivity and commerce, we are committed to revolutionising this vital industry, ensuring a greener future for generations to come,” said Felix Roick, COO of Tao Climate.

“In a world searching for actionable climate solutions, Tao Climate isn’t just responding, we’re leading the charge. Our new suite of products marks the dawn of an era where sustainability isn’t just an option; it’s the core of aviation’s future. With Tao Ops, Tao CX, and Tao SAF, we’re not just changing the game; we’re redefining it. The future of aviation is green, and with Tao Climate, it’s closer than you think,” said Gary Byrnes, CEO, Tao Climate.

We will exhibit our sustainability solutions for aviation at Future Travel Experience (11 – 13 June) in Dublin. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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