Tao Climate’s Vision of the Green Age of Aviation Gains Enterprise Ireland Support

Tao Climate’s Vision of the Green Age of Aviation Gains Enterprise Ireland Support

Tao Climate, a pioneering force in the carbon management industry, introduces three game-changing products: Tao CX, Tao OPS, and Tao SAF, aimed at ushering in a new era of sustainable aviation. Enterprise Ireland’s Pre-Seed Start Fund (PSSF) supports Tao Climate’s FinTech vision for an effective and scalable carbon management platform. 

Tao Climate’s FinTech platform technology illustrates the company’s commitment to driving sustainability and technology innovation, bringing three innovative products to market:

  • Tao CX enables airlines and airports to generate ancillary revenues from the sale of effective carbon removal credits to customers. 
  • Tao OPS will measure, minimise and manage the operational carbon footprint of air operations, offering a Single Source of Truth (SSoT) around carbon. 
  • Tao SAF will provide a flight path to significant feedstock supplies for sustainable aviation fuel, with verification of carbon gains. 

Gary Byrnes, CEO of Tao Climate said: “Tao Climate’s clarity of vision and purpose signals a transformative shift towards a greener future for aviation. Our vision of the Green Age of Aviation delivers a clear flight path for the aviation industry. With real-time carbon removal as the goal, we will enable the customer sustainability experience for air travel, using science and technology to solve the carbon credit verification problem.”

Felix Roick, COO of Tao Climate, added: “The support from Enterprise Ireland is a significant endorsement of our mission to revolutionise carbon management in aviation. We are excited to lead the way in creating practical, scalable solutions that not only address the carbon challenge but also open new revenue streams for the aviation industry.”

Learn more about our sustainability solutions: The Green Age of Aviation

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