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Offset your Flights

Now you can effectively offset flights with us and feel great about flying, just select the number of hours you were in the air.

True Global Citizen

Remove 3 tons of CO2 now and you’ve closed your part of the UN Emissions Gap for this year!


Now We’re talking

Remove 1 ton of CO2 immediately and you’re on the Way. If you know exactly how many tons of CO2 you want to remove, just add this to basket and then increase the quantity.


Green Impact

Remove 50 tons of CO2 immediately and deliver a substantial, positive impact.


Climate Commitment

Remove 25 tons of CO2 immediately and become carbon neutral. If you need help measuring your carbon footprint, please get in touch with us.


Carbon Conscious

Remove 15 tons of CO2 immediately and make a significant impact on your carbon footprint.


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2,000 ha delivering net gain of 30,000 mt soil-captured hemp carbon. Potential opportunity for 150,000 mt carbon credits/annum.