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Innovative Solutions for a Heating Planet: Tao Climate's Unique Technology for a Green, 100% Sustainable Aviation Industry Links Carbon Credit Buyers and Hemp Industry

Tao Climate Aviation use cases for industrial hemp
Our White Paper on Sustainable Aviation is available to aviation professionals.

We’re delivering Green Aviation, and our goal is to enable 100% sustainable air travel this decade. As the planet continues to face record-breaking temperatures, floods and droughts, Tao Climate emerges as the catalyst for change, offering a groundbreaking solution and scalable mechanism for the global aviation industry to combat global warming. By connecting carbon credit markets with the thriving global hemp industry, Tao Climate presents the best chance to halt the destructive effects of climate change. Air travel Hemp Carbon Credits by Tao Climate are now on sale at, supporting the reconstruction of Ukraine with hempcrete, a carbon positive, sustainable construction material made from locally-grown hemp.

With global temperatures reaching unprecedented levels, urgent action is paramount. Tao Climate’s innovative approach combines the power of carbon credits and the hemp industry, unlocking a synergy that holds immense potential in curbing global warming. This revolutionary connection creates a robust platform for sustainable change and provides a tangible pathway to a greener future. Aviation is responsible for at least 2.5% of global CO2 emissions (2018, source: Our World in Data), but international flights are not counted in country emissions, so are not bound by the Paris Agreement.

Carbon credits, long recognised as a critical tool in offsetting carbon emissions, gain a new dimension through Tao Climate’s visionary integration. By facilitating the purchase and utilisation of hemp carbon credits, airlines and individual passengers can now actively contribute to carbon neutrality and environmental restoration. This transformative model not only reduces carbon footprints but also fuels the growth of the global hemp industry, an untapped force in the fight against climate change. Hemp also shows great promise as a feedstock for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF, see graphic), and as a lightweight construction material for aircraft.

Hemp, known for its remarkable carbon removal and regenerative properties, presents a unique opportunity to combat aviation’s contribution to global warming. By building technology to connect carbon credit markets to the global hemp industry, we empower airlines to take effective climate action while supporting sustainable economic growth. We invite OEMs, air operators and individual passengers to join us on this transformative journey to a carbon neutral world.

We’re getting dangerously close to climate tipping points and the risk of the climate crisis spiralling out of control. Our scalable mechanism offers humanity the best chance to take vast, measurable quantities of CO2 from the atmosphere, very quickly. Our Ukraine project is live, and is a perfect illustration of how our carbon removal mechanism helps to deliver beneficial environmental and social outcomes.

Beyond Carbon Offsets

Tao Climate’s comprehensive approach extends beyond traditional carbon offsetting. Through our cutting-edge digital platform, customers gain access to personalised carbon footprint assessments, interactive dashboards, and educational resources. This immersive experience empowers users to understand their impacts and further embrace sustainable lifestyles.

The impact of Tao Climate’s efforts cannot be understated. By connecting carbon credit markets to the global hemp industry, a new paradigm of climate action is born. Through our visionary approach, Tao Climate offers the best chance to stop global warming, deliver truly sustainable aviation, and create a world where future generations can thrive, and fly with a clear conscience. This can truly become the Green Age of Aviation.

Airline Partnerships

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If you’re an aviation professional and would like to explore the ancillary revenue benefits of offering our Hemp Carbon Credit products to your passengers, please email Gary Byrnes at All business enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

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2,000 ha delivering net gain of 30,000 mt soil-captured hemp carbon. Potential opportunity for 150,000 mt carbon credits/annum.