Time’s Up: A Call to Action in the Face of Climate Crisis

In a world where time is running out, scientists grapple with the alarming pace of climate change, extreme weather events, and the ominous threat of damaging tipping points.

“Unfortunately, time is up.” – The 2023 state of the climate report

Post-COVID hopes for a green recovery have dimmed as carbon emissions soar, and fossil fuels maintain their grip, pushing annual coal consumption to near all-time highs.

Dire Consequences by 2100

By 2100, 3 to 6 billion people may face severe heat, limited food availability, and elevated mortality rates due to climate change, necessitating a fundamental shift in our economic paradigm.

“We … need to change our economy to a system that supports meeting basic needs for all people instead of excessive consumption by the wealthy.”

Negative emissions technologies pose uncertainties about effectiveness, scalability, and environmental impacts, emphasizing the risk of relying solely on unproven carbon removal techniques.

“Negative emissions technologies are in an early stage of development, posing uncertainties regarding their effectiveness, scalability, and environmental and societal impacts … [Thus] we should not rely on unproven carbon removal techniques.”

The Call for Urgent Action

Scientists urgently call for an IPCC special report on climate feedback loops, tipping points, and the catastrophic scenario of runaway climate change, highlighting the need for immediate attention.

“We call for an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) special report that focuses on the perilous climate feedback loops, tipping points, and—just as a precaution—the possible but less likely scenario of runaway or apocalyptic climate change.”

Scientists deliver stark truths about the ferocity of extreme weather events in 2023, expressing fear for the uncharted territory humanity has entered, underscoring the need for public awareness.

“As scientists, we are increasingly being asked to tell the public the truth … in simple and direct terms. The truth is that we are shocked by the ferocity of the extreme weather events in 2023. We are afraid of the uncharted territory that we have now entered.”

Seizing the Moment for Change

Amidst crisis, there is an opportunity to make a profound difference, demanding unwavering courage and determination to create a lasting legacy of change for all life on Earth.

“This is our moment to make a profound difference for all life on Earth, and we must embrace it with unwavering courage and determination to create a legacy of change that will stand the test of time.”

With the clock ticking, the choice is clear – heed the call to action and forge a path towards a sustainable future, or leave a legacy of inaction for future generations. It’s time for collective action to withstand the ravages of time.

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