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Join our community of climate heroes! Let’s unite against climate change. Effective CO2 removal is now made easy, with our Hemp Carbon Credits.

Tao Climate founders Felix Roick and Gary Byrnes

Who We Are

We’re Tao Climate, a greentech software company committed to utilising technology for a positive, measurable impact on the environment and addressing the urgent challenge of climate change. 

We’re Tao Climate, a greentech software company committed to utilising technology for a positive, measurable impact on the environment and addressing the urgent challenge of climate change. Our mission is to unite industrial hemp growers and makers globally, closing the UN Emissions Gap of 23Gt of CO2 per year. We use innovative, technology solutions, ensuring the secure sequestration of captured CO2 for decades, in sustainable housing. We deliver systemic solutions to climate and housing problems, at scale.

Your Effective Climate Action

Our CO2 removal is permanent, safe, measurable, and scalable.

For Personal

Our service for individuals seeking to minimise their carbon footprint and participate in our efforts for a sustainable tomorrow.

For Business

Our solutions for businesses to actively contribute to the global net-zero target, fostering a positive impact and aligning with long-term sustainability goals.

Offset Flights

Unlike others, our service actively removes CO2 in real-time, providing immediate carbon neutrality during your travel.

One World, Many Projects

We work with hemp growers and makers around the world to have the biggest possible impact. 

The project in Ukraine is already using hempcrete to build apartments for internally-displaced people and war orphans. Our vision is for our platform to enable the funding of multiple new constructions in Ukraine, and to take a leading role in rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure sustainably.
The project is located in Laikipia County within the central region of Kenya. As well as capturing 500+ tonnes of CO2, the benefits to be delivered locally include soil replenishment, the local community will be able to live in environmentally friendly, energy-sufficient, affordable hempcrete houses for the first time in history, livestock feed, and employment opportunities weaving hemp fibre into sustainable clothing.
2,000 ha delivering net gain of 30,000 mt soil-captured hemp carbon. Potential opportunity for 150,000 mt carbon credits/annum.
The project is located in northern Thailand, where the hemp fibre will be used to make a sustainable, compressed construction brick, delivering carbon benefits, housing and employment opportunities.
1. A 200-hectare industrial hemp project, aiming to bring a range of carbon sequestration and fossil fuel displacement products to market in 2023.

2. 10 ha hemp operation, with seeds used for high-value oils, and carbon fibre to be used in hempcrete production pilot projects.
250,000 ha invasive plant removal project, replacing with industrial hemp to generate sustainable jobs and rebuild local housing and infrastructure.
South Africa
10,000 ha industrial hemp project, feeding carbon raw materials into a growing hempcrete construction industry locally.
200 ha, growing industrial hemp seeds for biodiesel, with crop carbon fibre delivering supply into hempcrete housing construction.
200 ha industrial hemp project with integrated hempcrete block construction.
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Tons of CO2 have been safely
and permanently removed so far!
Thanks to Climate Heroes like you.

Discover Hemp

Hemp is the way to a sustainable future. With the ability to remove vast quantities of CO2, replacing fossil fuels and much more, hemp offers the best solution to save us from extinction.


Grow Hemp

You are growing, or intending to grow, hemp? Let us know more about you and your hemp crop, so we will be able to assist you all the way. All we need is some intent data. Let’s do this!



You’re making hempcrete or other sustainable hemp products? Great! Tell us more about your products and business, so we can match supply with demand and create high quality Hemp Carbon Credits.

Google Startups for Sustainable Development Logo on the Tao Climate website.

Building for Real Impact

We were selected to join the Google Startups for Sustainable Development program! As part of the program, we’re working one-on-one with Google mentors and product experts to scale our positive impact.

Many Goals, One Mission

Tao Climate will help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals UN SDGs). Our main goal is to deliver massive impacts on Goal 13, Climate Action.

Seventeen United Nation sustainable development goals on the Tao Climate website

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