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The Power Plant for a Sustainable Future

Hemp, a versatile and centuries-old crop, has emerged as our best hope to combat climate change, opening the door to a sustainable future through its eco-friendly properties and diverse applications.

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Unlocking the Potential of Industrial Hemp: A Sustainable Solution for a Greener Future

Discover the extraordinary versatility of industrial hemp, a sustainable crop poised to transform various industries, from textiles and paper to construction materials and biofuel. Beyond its capacity to fully replace fossil fuel products, hemp stands out for its ability to rapidly remove and safely sequester up to 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare for decades, in a growth cycle of only around 100 days. This makes industrial hemp the most scalable solution in the fight against climate change.

Embrace the potential of industrial hemp, a remarkable plant that not only yields environmental benefits but also nurtures pollinators like bees, fostering biodiversity. Recognise hemp as a catalyst for positive change in both our environment and society, as we grow awareness which propels investment and innovation in this pioneering field.

Sounds too Good to be True?

Examine the perspectives of the United Nations and the European Union Commission on industrial hemp, understanding their views on applications and benefits. Discover the changing global role of industrial hemp.

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Distinguishing Industrial Hemp from Cannabis: A Brief Insight

The distinction between industrial hemp and cannabis is vital. Both belong to the Cannabis sativa species, yet they diverge significantly in characteristics, uses, and legal implications.

Sustainable Impact
on Biodiversity

Hemp cultivation is a sustainable boon for biodiversity. With minimal water needs and no reliance on herbicides or pesticides, hemp fosters soil health, supports pollinators like bees, and promotes ecological connectivity. Its versatility and low environmental impact make hemp a vital player in shaping a greener and more resilient agricultural landscape.


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2,000 ha delivering net gain of 30,000 mt soil-captured hemp carbon. Potential opportunity for 150,000 mt carbon credits/annum.